FreeUp is a co-creation consultancy founded by Liesbeth Scholten

As co-creator, facilitator and researcher I have 25 years of experience in people-centered innovation. I am fascinated by the interplay between people and their contexts. I team up with clients and partners for projects, and I keep the creative process flowing as we develop meaningful innovations, places and events.

For many years, I worked with pleasure at Philips Design (1995-2010). It was an inspiring journey with different kinds of customers, innovation challenges and research into probable, possible and preferable futures. I was involved in the groundwork for what is now commonly called ‘design research’ and ‘design thinking’. In 2010 I started my entrepreneurial journey as co-creation consultant. I help clients to tackle innovation challenges in which a variety of stakeholders, needs and interests have to be connected in an effective and meaningful way. My ability to unravel complexity and to reach clear insights and engagement from stakeholders ensures a strong foundation for co-developing concepts, prototyping, experimenting, evaluating and implementing solutions.


What FreeUp offers

‘We co-create’ rather than ‘I co-create’. Projects are carried out together with others, often with team members from clients’ organizations. FreeUp works with a network of partners, covering a broad spectrum of design disciplines, research, art, technology and business competencies.

The core activities that FreeUp brings into projects:

We facilitate co-creative processes, which usually take the form of one or more workshops. We help to open up space for exploration and creativity, even under pressure.

Through stakeholder interviews we identify the different motivations and interests. We design practical workshop tools and ways of working, engaging stakeholders to effectively co-create, develop and evaluate solutions together. We use specific tools for creating transparency in teams and working towards a shared vision. 

We do contextual research (a.k.a. design research or experience research), which may involve observing, shadowing, interviewing and interactive sessions.

We design processes for involving end-users in different stages of solution development. We identify motivations, needs, issues and desired ‘experience qualities’, for (re)designing environments and developing appropriate solutions.


Get in touch

If you have a question or face a challenge that you think FreeUp can help you with, just call, mail or send a message. Freeup is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Liesbeth Scholten: +31 6 53596287

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