FreeUp innovation

We facilitate creative processes tailored to your innovation challenge.

Innovation means working on something new. This is exciting and at the same time it can feel risky. The creative flow can get blocked and things can get stuck because of expectations, restrictions, demands and time pressure. For innovation to actually happen, it is important to keep moving forward creatively, taking into account the perceived risks.

We facilitate creative processes – which usually take the form of one or more workshops – tailored to your innovation challenge. The process and professional facilitation inspire creative flow, even under pressure. We design each workshop process and tools in such a way that workshop participants feel free to effectively generate ideas, develop concepts and present and prioritize these.

In larger projects, where we generate insights and engage stakeholders in co-creation, the key moments of shared progress are reached in workshops or events tailored to the phase of that project.



Strategy & roadmap development

Future scenarios as part of office space strategy development

scenarioworkshop_smallAs part of a bigger project with the city of Eindhoven, for developing the long term office space strategy, we ran a scenario workshop about the future of city government, in the year 2030.

Working together with Jacomine van Veen, Marlies Bielderman and Sacha Kramer as co-facilitators.

The creative story development was supported by 4 visual thinkers from JAM. They translated the ideas and storylines about the future into a visual language, making the scenario stories come alive.


We can ‘research the future’ to help with setting directions. See what we did in the other phases of this project at the FreeUp Insight page.

User-centered development of buildings, environments & products

Transition to flexwork and flexible offices

In 2012, helpinplay_discussg the municipality of Eindhoven with the transition to fewer office buildings and flexible ways of working. Involving the employees in all the sectors of the municipal organization in co-creative sessions, together with M+R architects, Marlies Bielderman and Rikjan Scholten. In the sessions, the teams got a chance to ‘play’ with a preliminary model of the building’s floors and the different types of flexible workplaceswelcome. This way we could discuss their team dynamics in relation to their use of space, and make an inventory of special needs. The insights were used by M+R architects to develop the floorplans and lead the renovation according to the needs of the people that will actually work in the building. In 2013, civil servants moved into one of the new flex-offices of Eindhoven’s city government, formerly called ‘NRE building’.


To provide insights for people-centric development of environments or products, we regularly do contextual research, or ‘experience research’ with users and relevant stakeholders. See examples at the FreeUp Insight page.

Business concept development in new domains

Identifying business opportunities in a new market


A publication is  available of a Philips project we worked on in 2011: Enhancing performance and healthy development in Chinese schools; Exploring scalable business opportunities for healthier indoor spaces. By Simona Rocchi, Reon Brand, Patray Lui. You can find the article with a link to the full paper here. A crucial step in the project consisted of facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops in Shanghai, China, at the Aalto-Tongji Design Factory. ATDF is a very lively creative centre bringing together universities, business and society.

shanghaiworkshop2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom the section „Behind the scenes” (page 91 – 97) is the description of the workshops we facilitated. “Representatives of the three Philips sectors, researchers and scientists, designers and selected local stakeholders relevant to the school education system came together for five days… Working sessions ranged from discussion and prioritization of identified potential business opportunity areas, definition of broader value spaces, to the generation of ideas and concepts with input from school staff members and experts such as child doctors, psychologists, representatives of local educational bureaus and school architects.”

“The interaction with experts, and the discussions triggered by the informative and inspiring material, resulted in an effective engagement process among workshop participants, which has facilitated a synergetic approach in follow up actions.”


  We facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement in larger co-creation processes for complex challenges. See examples at the FreeUp Co-creation page.

Hosting open space sessions

Exploring the future with members of a non profit organization

open space sessionIn September 2015 we hosted an open space session, as part of a community summit of Shambhala, a non-profit organization. More than 100 members from various countries in Europe gathered in Villa Elisabeth in Berlin, to explore future directions and activities the community could develop, mainly focused on volunteering initiatives and challenges. We triggered the participants: “Together we can make all kinds of things happen. Within Shambhala and in the world.What are the things that YOU want to make happen? What are the challenges that you would like to see addressed?” We facilitated the session using Open Space principles in such a way that  self-organized groups could form around common interests, develop their ideas, and share them with the whole group again. After the session we summarized the main directions identified and shared these with the whole community, to further encourage the voluntary initiatives.