FreeUp is a co-creation consultancy that guides and supports innovation processes. We help clients to develop the approach that is best for the situation and innovation challenge at hand.


Free Up Innovation
Innovation means working on something new. This is exciting and at the same time it can feel risky. The creative flow can get blocked and things can get stuck because of expectations, restrictions, demands and time pressure. For innovation to actually happen, it is important to keep moving forward creatively, taking into account the perceived risks. We facilitate creative processes – which usually take the form of one or more workshops – tailored to your innovation challenge. The process and professional facilitation inspire creative flow, even under pressure. We design each workshop process and tools in such a way that workshop participants feel free to effectively generate ideas, develop concepts and present and prioritize these. read more


Free Up Insight
Exploring new possibilities for growth expands the view, but it also means entering unfamiliar domains or markets and dealing with uncertainty. To get grip on the many unknowns, we investigate needs, issues and opportunities to set direction for change. We do qualitative and contextual research (sometimes referred to as design research or experience research). We do not just produce reports but we create insight tools that show the rich diversity of insights as well as the key conclusions. The stakeholders involved can get a good overview, are able to understand the dynamics, and get pointers to meaningful innovation opportunities in the new domain. read more


Free Up Co-creation
Complex problems and challenges often require multiple companies and stakeholders to work together, each bringing their own specific expertise and knowledge to solution development. When collaborating across organisations it is not easy to find a common approach and to find agreement on the way forward. With our co-creative approach we activate people and organisations for innovative collaboration, allowing space for different points of view, different ways of working and different criteria for decision making. read more