Hands-on development of insight tools

hands on tool developmentWhen we are researching people’s experiences we develop insight tools, to share and enrich the insights with stakeholders and users. For example, making an ‘experience flow’ that shows what is happening over time, the activities, as well as the subjective experiences of people.

Often the first version is made by hand, based on research results. Then we get feedback on it and input from a diverse set of people involved. In most cases we develop a flow poster, which consolidates the knowledge gained and it illustrates the points where people’s experiences can be improved. The poster can be used in creative sessions and as a tool to share with the rest of the client’s organization. Here, working with Marlies Bielderman and Pieter Diepenmaat, developing an experience flow of events at an important venue in the Netherlands, from the differeposter developmentnt perspectives of visitors, organizers and other stakeholders.