Project examples

World Food Center

Developing a shared vision & engaging stakeholders from the food sector, government, science & education into a partnership for the realization of a new experience center.

Citizen City

Developing a toolkit of best practices for cities to co-create with citizens, working with professionals from across Europe.

Urban lighting

Developing a roadmap of future street lighting concepts with business and design team of Signify, involving lighting managers of several European cities.

Sustainable Buildings

Working with the city of Eindhoven on ‘the smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings’. Shaping cooperation with companies and innovators in an innovative procurement process based on trust and shared values.

Medical equipment

Contributing to development of medical equipment, a.o. in cardiology, anaesthesiology, intensive care, neonatal care and preventive care. Activities include contextual research in hospitals, workflow analyses for specific procedures, creative workshops, testing of concepts and prototypes.

Jaarbeurs experience

Doing experience research on site as well as trends research, identifying key challenges and experience qualities for the future of this large event center.

Airport Lab

Co-creating a shared vision for development of the area around Eindhoven Airport, in two rounds of stakeholder interviews and a scoping workshop with the key stakeholders and decision makers.

Healthy Schools China

Facilitating multi-stakeholder workshop in Shanghai to identify business opportunities for Philips, with input from Chinese school staff members and other local experts such as child doctors, psychologists, school architects and educational organizations.

Juliana Children’s Hospital

Researching experiences of patients, parents and staff, developing an experience flow, user profiles, themes & insights to inspire the design of the new hospital building

Bright Now festival

Organizing inspirational festival from scratch through to the actual experience; defining program, finding partners & contributors, arranging the venue, publicity & ticket sales. The festival was run on the basis of volunteering and alternative value exchange.

Office space strategy

Developing long term office space strategy with a diverse team of ±30 people from the municipality of Eindhoven, through trends analysis, scenario development and validation with experts and pioneers.

Schiphol parking experience

Researching experiences of travelers in the car park at Schiphol Airport, generating insights for developing new lighting concepts.