FreeUp: meet the co-creation team


FreeUp is a co-creation consultancy focused on freeing up creative human potential – to enable companies, governments, organizations to birth meaningful innovation. We offer workshops to free up creativity for Innovation, research to free up Insight, and consultancy to free up Co-creation, often in the context of partnership projects. We help you to develop your approach, integrating the activities and the competences that are best for your situation and innovation challenge. We work with an international network of partners, covering a broad spectrum of creative, research, web, IT and business competencies.


Liesbeth ScholtenFreeUp was founded in 2015 by Liesbeth Scholten. Liesbeth’s vast experience is second only to the deep empathy and human simplicity that she establishes in live settings. Liesbeth is expert in people-centred innovation and meaning-making; she is visualizing and articulating the subtle nuances that differentiate mere knowledge from true insight. As facilitator she unlocks the creative potential in groups and partnerships, reaching impactful results.

Of Dutch origin, Liesbeth drove innovation projects at Philips & Philips Design for 15 years, participating and anchoring projects for mature and emerging markets in areas like lighting, healthcare, food, connected home, and others.

She co-founded innovation consultancy TurTur and initiated and guided several collaboration projects between governments and commercial companies. She developed innovative approaches to make co-creation in a network of partnerships effective.

Ever an optimist of human potential, Liesbeth founded FreeUp, to free up creative potential and co-create purposeful change.


FreeUp works  with:

Marlies BieldermanMarlies Bielderman. Marlies runs a Research & Innovation consultancy to contribute to design and innovation that empowers people. Marlies’ profile on LinkedIn





Rikjan ScholtenRikjan Scholten. Rikjan is architect and product designer. He runs Bureau Fraai and its design label Fraaiheid, together with several partners. He designs and realises solutions, always in close collaboration with clients and future users. Rikjan’s profile on LinkedIn




Jacomine van VeenJacomine van Veen. Jacomine runs Likely, for trend research & consultancy resulting in strategic advice, innovation insights, roadmaps and future scenarios. Jacomine’s profile on LinkedIn





Debbie EversDebbie Evers. Debbie  is an all-round professional with a diverse skill set. She collaborates on projects with a human, energetic approach, mobilizing networks and generating insightful communication. Debbie is also active as masseur and voice trainer, see her site Vrij BewegendDebbie’s profile on LinkedIn





Sacha-Kramer.Sacha Kramer. Sacha runs her own agency Saach. She combines her communication expertise with a clear view on creative processes and challenges, offering clarity and fresh perspective, always based on insight and experience. Sacha’s profile on LinkedIn





pieter-diepenmaatPieter Diepenmaat. Pieter is founder and creative director of Hoog+Diep, a Rotterdam studio that integrates research, design & development. They specialise in creating smart well-behaved products by positioning it among its users as quickly as possible. 
They listen and watch, they iterate design and implementation until the product fits seamlessly.