Explorations of perception & expression

In the last week of April, Liesbeth was co-teaching the programme “True Perception, Authentic Gesture”, together with artists Herbert Elsky and Fatou Traoré. With a group of 20 people from various parts of the world, we went through a week of creative exploration, using movement, painting, object arranging, voice and writing, among other modes. And we were enjoying the nature in the beautiful setting of Dechen Chöling, a retreat centre in the Limousin, France.

The programme was based on ‘Dharma Art’; investigating how we are creating ourselves each moment, the artistry of life itself, how we create our environments, and how we communicate and express ourselves to others. Each part of the five-day programme took us deeper into what it means to see and experience things as they truly are and how inspiration arises from that discovery. The exercises were designed to help each person find their own unique mode of expression.

The week was a wonderful experience, rediscovering again and again the power of perception, creativity and communication, available to everyone in any moment, any project, any situation. It are these elemental qualities that FreeUp applies to free up the potential in people and organisations during innovation processes.

photos by Nathalie Darbellay