Strengthening the co-creation team

As innovation and co-creation team, the ways of working and the network of professionals always keep developing and expanding. In collaboration with Lingo Tours for the creative mind, FreeUp moved into a new office space on the 3rd of March.

Together we are working on the interior to make it an enjoyable and healthy co-creative environment. It is still work in progress, but it already feels great!


Another development project, started by co-workers Liesbeth, Marlies and Jacomine, is exploring the possibilities of establishing a new legal entity as co-op, so that we can strengthen our joined forces and bring more value and security to clients – and to ourselves as team.

Trust, appreciation and complementarity; supporting each other through difficult times; sharing opportunities, profits and ideas – these values have worked for us as a team of self-employed professionals for several years already. We are able to take on large assignments and together we carry risks, the uncertainties that always come with the ever changing nature of innovation projects.
In a co-operative we expect that we can make these values more explicit and organise these in a stronger way, for example aimed at overcoming (legal) constraints we often face when working with large established organisations. And possibly it could also help us improve other work conditions, like conquering some of the social security disadvantages of being self-employed.

If you have experience starting a co-op, or have knowledge to share, we are open to hear your insights, suggestions and advice. In this exploratory phase, we want to listen and learn, search and share, inform and inspire, ourselves and others!